Dutybox Foam Hand Soap Raspberry Set

  • €9,50
Everybody, please, put your hands together for…Hands! Our foaming hand soap that will wash away all your germs while giving your skin the nutrients it needs. Moisturizing components will safely clean the skin without causing damage or irritation. Comes with a special foam pump to ensure economical consumption 
  • Raspberry yogurt aroma
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Nourishing effect


2 x 50ml Hands concentrate capsule

1 x reusable Hands bottle 

How to use:

1 capsule of 50ml concentrate + 450ml of water = 500ml ready Hands Soap Foam


Saying goodbye to single-use plastic bottles filled with 90% water we can save a lot of CO2 that is produced when shipping heavy bottles of cleaning products. More than that, together with Ecologi we plant a tree with every order. 🌿

Make the sustainable switch for a clean home and a cleaner planet! 🌍